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Hello! Greetings and welcome to this planet.

You have reached the home world of a strange being.
To some he has been called, a poet, a writer, a drunk, or a buffoon.
You can simply call this simpleton, Paul Angelosanto.
Now you may wonder what there is to do on this planet.
Well there are a number of things.
If you like music you can check out the amazing space rock of Spaceseed for which Paul has written some of the words/lyrics.
Or you can indulge in the strangest sounds of the band Astro Al of which Paul is a member (he plays lead stooge). You can check them out
If reading is your pleasure Paul has written many e-books on Also he’s written the poetry book, Drowning Kittens and Road Gods.
So there you go, welcome to this planet. Oh, by the way, if you plan to leave you must pay Paul a toll charge of 500 cases of tequila otherwise you’ll never find you’re way out.

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