The Stoneham Writers Group is a well - established group, founded in the summer of 1990 by Sheila Foley and Julianne Toomey - Kautz. The six core members joined within a few years of its inception. There are now five original members who remain active. You can find us on our individual Bio pages where you'll find links to our work; i.e., stories and poetry or artwork. You might also see photos of us over the years with former members. We meet once a month at the Stoneham Public Library (more info below).

Sometimes new members or potential new members come to a meeting. Most come and go, and some even stick around for a while. But history has shown us that on occasion a stray will wonder in and (for no apparent reason) never return. We're not sure if we scare them off or if other forces are at work within the universe that may cause a disconnect. Whatever the reason, we're not concerned. Writing is a matter of discipline and diligence. It's also about finding the right fit with a group. There is a reason why the SWG works so well together. We are like a well-oiled machine, (pardon the cliché) and it's rare to find such a working group that speaks to a writer's heart for so many years.

About Us: We are a diverse group, writing in different genres. We are published and some of us are also artists, musicians, and performing artists. On this site we try to mix things up by using graphics, artwork, and photos to accompany selected poems or stories. We hope this FAQ list will answer general questions about us, should a stray writer wander into our domain either on this site or at the library. And if so, we would advise anyone curious enough to please check out our Mission Statement. History has also shown us that like-minded people seeking a good fit works both ways.



We meet on the Third Thursday of every month from 7- 9 pm at the Stoneham Public Library, located at 431 Main St. in Stoneham, Ma. For more info call, 781-438-1324.
Yes. However, we wish to keep the group relatively small so everyone has a chance to read and be critiqued. There is no limit, but we find the group works better with no more than six people. However that number can vary at times, but five or six in number is comfortable.


We critique our work. Each member reads aloud, receiving feedback from others. The critiques are generally good, constructive criticism. You get the good with the bad. We tell you exactly how it is, like it or not. We are honest and fair. However, we tend to go easier on new members. Sometimes a member will distribute copies for the group to read, which is fine, but not common practice. We also support one another, sharing thoughts on rejection and acceptance, and often give advice on where to market work. Resources, such as market listings, guidelines, or advice on publications are helpful tools, and we welcome the input. The common goal is to help each other improve our work whether it's in preparation for publication or to help hone our skills. And, on occasion we do readings.




No. We write it all and listen to it all too, although we are mainly fiction writers. Some of us write poetry and non fiction, and some members are involved in more lengthy pieces, like novellas or novel writing. Whatever you've got, we'll give it a listen. We're not fussy. We are open minded.


Yes. We are published in one form or another. For a sampling of our work, check out the individual Bio pages where you'll find links to stories and poetry or artwork. Also, see our Books Page for works for sale in print or online.