Clever deception I must say
Mother earth you are lately in a mood
my mouth is still full of comfort food
Sweet warmth, then a chill next day

Oh vengeful matriarch of weather
Loved ones are sick and many others too
We are serenaded by a symphony of flu
with sneezes, wheezes, ragweed, and heather

Do I wear a heavy, down winter coat
or a tee shirt and some blue jeans?
Do I hibernate or plant fava beans?
Eat hot soup or take out the motor boat?

Oh deceitful, unyielding lady of earth
Why did you send a snowstorm last week
Flooding rain this week, my basement has a leak!
Surely you must be laughing with evil mirth.

Is there something we can do for you?
Something to make you less angry with us
You play such evil tricks with us when thus
a beautiful day arises, but oh, there are precious few.

Do we need to sacrifice an innocent soul?
What do we need to do to bring a solitary flower?
What do we need to bring to your perfumed bower?
We want you to bring on Spring, what is your goal?

Is it your way of punishing the human race
for the abuse of you our beautiful natural mother?
I wish I could make it up to you, so does my brother
but unfortunately we don’t run the place.



buck the bunny

Is it time to get out of the cold
and into the green grass of spring?
I will hop,  and run, I am so bold
I am ready for my warm weather fling.

They say to breed like rabbits
I say bring it on, I am bunny Buck
I am your ultra sexy bunny wabbit
Yes today, I will bring you great luck.

You won’t need my foot and a wish
Just bring to me your sweet cottontail
You look tasty, but not like an Easter dish
I promise that my love will not fail

So let us romp and jump and play
onto the emerald lawn of Mr. Marigold
You know we don’t have many a day
It is our time to love, oh don’t be so cold!

You are meant to be my candy treat
We must make many a baby bunny
Please do not to your hole retreat
Just come with me, and make some honey.

Photo and art by Deb Angelosanto