Mission Statement for the Stoneham Writers Group

Our mission as a group is to listen and critique the work of our members in a constructive manner. It is our goal to help the writer improve his/her craft while at the same time observing certain rules and behavior. The Stoneham Writers Group is a well established group and is committed to improving the art and craft of writing. For a better understanding of our vision please see the guidelines below.  


1: Members should make a commitment to improve their work and help others improve their writing by listening and being objective.  

2: Members should strive to give and receive honest, constructive feedback in a respectful and engaging manner.

3: Members should be supportive and try to refrain from comments that are harsh, vague, or general in nature. We aim for positive and helpful feedback. Critique the work, not the writer.

4: New members should expect a trial period to assure that he/she and established members are comfortable with each other and the dynamic of the group.

5: Time Limits: If a member wishes to bring a copy of published work or promos to share, it is advised to do so via email due to the time restraints of the meeting. The group only meets for two hours once a month and therefore reserves the right (if needed) to limit the number of pages read by each member in order to give everyone a chance to be heard and critiqued.

The SWG is made up of five core members. It is our vision to sustain and uphold a certain criteria and dynamic within the group. While we recognize and value and input of each member, and welcome new members, we also reserve the right to decline membership to those who do not meet our vision.